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16th International Expo on Recycling and Waste Management, will be organized around the theme “Reduce, Reuse and Recovery for better tomorrow”

Recycling Expo - 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Recycling Expo - 2020

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Reusing is the act of recouping utilized materials from the waste stream and after that joining those equivalent materials into the assembling procedure. Effective recycling likewise relies upon makers making items from recuperated materials and, thusly, customers buying items made of recyclable materials. Does your part close the circle and purchase items made of reused materials at whatever point conceivable.
  • Paper recycling
  • Plastic recycling
  • Rubber &tire recycling


Waste management techniques are useful to minimize or reduce the waste in environment and these will helpful to keep the environment clean. Commonly used waste management techniques  are Ocean Dumping, Sanitary Landfill, Incineration, Recycling, and Composting etc. waste management techniques involves Mechanical and biological waste  treatment, Mechanical sorting of wastes resource and recovery ,from waste, Methods of waste, Recovery and recycling. All these techniques are useful to minimize the waste in the environment however these are also have some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Biological waste
  • Sanitary landfills
  • Composting
  • Ocean dumping

Reduce reuse recycle and recovery involves the intentional bringing down on the measure of plastics an individual uses in their everyday life. Reuse: this includes putting to utilize plastics that have just been utilized. This can mean putting them to all the more likely use than simply discarding them. Reuse: The essential stages in reusing are the accumulation of waste materials, their handling or assembling into new items, and the acquisition of those items, which may then themselves be reused. Reusing can help diminish the amounts of strong waste kept in landfills, which have turned out to be progressively costly. Recuperation: this involves the emphasis on not utilizing plastic yet rather finding and utilizing existing options.

  • Recycling of solid waste
  • Reuse reduce the use of unused materials
  • Recovery energy from waste


Impact of 3RS in Climate Change reduce, reuse and reuse to diminish environmental change. Environmental change is any significant change in proportions of atmosphere, which incorporate temperature, precipitation, precipitation, day off wind. These progressions keep going for quite a long time or more. Numerous variables are causing environmental change, including human exercises through consuming non-renewable energy sources, chopping down trees, planting trees and building improvements. Most researchers presently concur that environmental change is going on.


  • Climatic changes
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Global warming





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Nourishment waste or nourishment misfortune is nourishment that is disposed of or lost uneaten. The reasons for nourishment waste or misfortune are various, and happen at the phases of generation, handling, retailing and utilization. Treating the soil is a method for nature to reuse all the biodegradable materials. It happens each day of our lives yet to abbreviate the procedure, we should contribute our undertake to ensure it produces perfect outcomes. The entire society can profit by that. Fertilizing the soil food waste is broader than treating the soil other natural matters.
  • Composting
  • Recyclable packing materials

Renewable energy will be vitality that is gathered from sustainable assets, which are normally recharged on a human timescale, like daylight, wind, downpour, tides, waves, and geothermal warmth. Sustainable power source regularly gives vitality in four significant zones: power age, air and water warming and cooling transportation and rural vitality administrations. The presence of this vitality has been finding crosswise over wide topographical region when contrasted with other vitality sources. Enormous utilization of renewable energy has brought about noteworthy improvements in vitality security, climate change moderation and monetary advantageous.

  • Solar energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Hydroelectric energy




A successful recycling business is an undertaking that enables you to make a benefit while helping the environment. It is, be that as it may, an enormous undertaking, and you'll confront genuine challenge. By making a point by point arrangement, securing financing, understanding the lawful necessities, and utilizing great marketing prudence, you can get your reusing business ready for action.

  • Chemical recycling
  • Paper and tanning recycling
  • Tire and rubber recycling

Water reusing will be reusing treated waste water for useful purposes, for example, agrarian and scene water system, mechanical procedures, latrine flushing, and renewing a ground water bowl alluded to as ground water recharge. Water reusing offers asset and budgetary reserve funds. Wastewater treatment can be custom fitted to meet the water quality necessities of an arranged reuse. Reused water for scene water system requires less treatment than reused water for drinking water. Reused water can fulfil most water requests, as long as it is satisfactorily treated to guarantee water quality proper for the utilization.

  •  Ground water recharge
  • Industrial waste water recycling
  • Domestic waste water recycling

Solid waste management can be defined as the treatment of day to day discarded material which is ultimately of no use to mankind or has served its role and no longer required solid waste are generated from various sources like residential, industrial, municipal wastes, Hospital/ Biomedical Waste. Generally due to inappropriate disposal of wastes, there is adverse effect on the surrounding environment.

  • Bio medical waste
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Waste minimization

Biodiesel consumption and engine wear. It’s obtained from natural fats like vegetable oils or animal fats, new or used. Industrial chemical process used in the manufacturing of this fuel is the esterification and Trans-esterification. This innovative and environmentally friendly biodiesel can be used in is a liquid biofuel that successfully replaces petro-diesel, with lower production prices, reducing fuel partial or total substitution of petro-diesel.

  • Microbial fuel technology
  • Esterification
  • Trans esterification

Farming waste is characterized as squander from premises utilized for agribusiness rural practice covers all exercises that can happen on a ranch or croft and incorporates exercises, for example, slurry spreading, chemical and waste storage, silage making and waste pesticide transfer. The waste stream may incorporate a scope of things and materials that are not explicit to horticulture.

  • Animal waste
  • Crop waste
  • Solar energy

Electronic waste, or e-waste is a term used to describe any electronic device that is outdated, obsolete, broken, donated, discarded, or at the end of its useful life. This includes cell phones, computers, laptops, PDAs, monitors, televisions, printers, scanners, and any other electrical device. One of the major challenges is recycling the printed circuit boards from the electronic wastes. The circuit boards contain such precious metals as gold, silver, platinum, etc. and such base metals as copper, iron, etc.

  • Electronic waste

Recycled oil can be formed into ointments, prepared into fuel oils, and utilized as crude substances for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries. Utilized oil channels incorporate reusable piece steel, which metal makers can use as scrap feed. To reuse utilized oil, processors and purifiers evacuate water, insoluble, dust, overwhelming metals, nitrogen, chlorine, and oxygenated mixes from oil tired from engines or different machines. The subsequent item called re-refined oil need to meet the indistinguishable stringent refining, intensifying, and execution prerequisites as virgin oil for use in vehicle, overwhelming duty diesel and distinctive internal burning motors and pressure driven liquids and gear oils.

  • Lubricating oil waste 
  • Oil recycling process

Plastic and metal recycling is the way toward recouping scrap or waste plastic or other metal and proselyte the material into valuable items, here and there totally extraordinary in structure from their unique state. This incorporates the dissolving down of the soda pop jugs and afterward creating them as plastic seats and tables. In any case, this kind of reusing is fairly dangerous since plastic beverage jugs, for example, pop, juice, milk are never really duplicated into new refreshment bottles, as this requires virgin plastic. The reusing procedure of plastic may profit for the sound condition and this will supportive for the minimization of the environment pollution. Plastics are additionally reused during the assembling procedure of plastic products, for example, polythene film and sacks.

  • Ferrous recycling
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Soft plastic recycling

Mechanical waste is created by modern action which incorporates any materials that is rendered futile during an assembling procedure, for example, that of industrial facilities, factories, and mining activities. It has existed since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Instances of mechanical waste are substance solvents, paints, sandpaper, paper items, modern results, metals, and radioactive squanders. Harmful waste, compound waste, mechanical strong waste and municipal solid waste are assignments of modern waste

  • chemical waste
  • solid waste
  • toxic and hazardous waste

The goal of environmental impact assessment is to correct and assess the potential effects of advancement and activities on the ecological framework. The target of environmental impact assessment  is (I) to distinguish, anticipate and characterize the monetary, ecological and social effect of improvement exercises (ii) to give data on the natural ramifications for basic leadership and (iii) to advance earth sound and feasible improvement through the id of fitting options and moderation measures

  • Environmental indicator
  • Waste disposal
  • Material Assets.

Thermal waste recovery is the procedure of treatment innovation that includes high temperature in handling of waste feed stock; for the most part, it includes the burning of waste materials. The primary destinations in the improvement of this innovation were to guarantee great environmental similarity and to accomplish total reusing of the leftover materials at every possible opportunity. Thermal waste recycling innovation changes over waste into items which can be reusing legitimately moving forward without any more handling. The procedure doesn't deliver any waste water.

  • Waste from energy
  • Thermal waste recycling


The way toward treating and arranging waste material which when not dealt with appropriately can make genuine mischief people, creatures and all in all towards the earth might be characterized as hazardous waste management. Risky waste can be of any structure will be strong, fluid yet for the most part are of substance in nature. They can be ordered dependent on the physical, substance and natural properties. These sorts of waste commonly are destructive, radioactive, irresistible or poisonous in nature.

  • Reactivity
  • Ignitability
  • Toxicity

Hospitals are significant spots offering ascend to high-chance unsafe squanders. In the event that hospital waste management isn't finished after a legitimate channel, at that point it might offer ascent to genuine medical issues causing repulsive sicknesses and expanded antagonistic natural impacts. Emergency clinic/Biomedical waste comprises of Infectious agents, toxic chemicals and radioactive materials

  • Radioactive waste
  • General waste
  • Infectious waste

Green technology will be described as an economy that goes for diminishing common risks and natural deficiencies that goes for property headway however not corrupting the atmosphere with respect to the unsettling program. It immovably connected with characteristic political economy yet contains heaps of politically associated centre intrigue. A green economy is thought of together that is low carbon, resource moderate and socially intensive. It immovably connected with natural political economy yet contains lots of politically associated centre intrigue.

  • Energy efficiency